Top 10 Best Bee Suits/ Beekeeping Jackets in 2018

As a beekeeper, investing in a high-quality beekeeping jacket should be your top priority. This is because, in addition to protecting you from bee stings, they also keep you cool when it’s hot. Some beekeeping jackets come with a few pieces of beekeeping gear in just one purchase. At the same time, most of them are very versatile, so you can use them in other gardening fields. There are quite a number of beekeeping suits on the market right now that finding the best one can prove difficult. To make this easier for you, we’ve compiled the following top 10 best bee suits/ beekeeping jackets in 2018. Take a look!

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10. Natural Apiary Bee Keeping Suit – Khaki

10. Natural Apiary Bee Keeping Suit - Khaki

The Natural Apiary Bee Keeping Suit – Khaki is designed with comfort in mind. As such, it boasts a fully elasticized waist to accommodate a wide range of body sizes. This bee suit comes with hive tool pockets suitable for both left and right-handed beekeepers. It is machine washable, making it easier to clean and maintain. Better yet, this suit is equipped with easy to zip on and zip off fencing style veil for added convenience.


  • 65% cotton and 35% polyester materials: Promote comfort and durability
  • YKK zippers: Provide maximum strength and security
  • Elastic forearms and ankles: Ensure a secure bee proof seal
  • Reinforced extra thick neck: Offers extra protection to the neck

9. VIVO Professional Bee Keeping suit (BEE-V105XL)

9. VIVO Professional Bee Keeping suit (BEE-V105XL)

Take your beekeeping experience to the next level with the multipurpose VIVO Professional Bee Keeping suit (BEE-V105XL). This jacket is made of a lightweight polyester fabric to protect you from stings while also keeping you cool during hot summer days. The veiled hood is self-supporting and collapsible for convenience. This jacket has heavy-duty zippers that completely unzips for optimal functionality. Moreover, the whole unit is hand-washable for easy care and long-lasting performance.


  • 8-inch large pocket on the front: Promotes peerless performance
  • Black mesh opening with spacious inside: Helps protect from stings
  • Elastic sleeves: Create a tight closed fit for extra arm protection

8. REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit

This beekeeping suit includes the jacket, veil, pants, and gloves to cover you fully from head to toe. It has a unisex and multipurpose design; hence, it can be used widely for beekeeping and gardening industry. The jacket and pant come as separate units, making this suit quick and easy to put on and off. It is extremely comfortable, as it is lightweight to keep you cool even when you wear it on a hot day.


  • Pockets on the jacket and pants: Allow you to keep other beekeeping gear for easy reach
  • Goatskin and cotton materials: Make the gloves soft, comfortable, and durable
  • Full-length sleeves with elastic cuffs: Create a tight closed fit for additional protection


Available in a variety of sizes, the FOREST BEEKEEPING SUPPLY Ventilated Jacket is ideal for men and women of various sizes. It has a special thick vented mesh fabric to keep you protected and comfortable. The jacket is made of the highest quality materials with excellent craftsmanship to stand the test of time. It is wrapped up with YKK zippers that are easy to zip on and off for an exceptional experience.


  • Double-stitched design: Promotes extreme durability
  • 3 front pockets: Enable you to keep other beekeeping equipment within easy reach
  • Double-layered hood with fiberglass screen: Provides extra protection

6. VIVO Professional Bee Keeping Suit (BEE-V106M)

Improve your beekeeping experience with the VIVO (BEE-V106M) Suit. It is made of lightweight cotton that, in addition to protecting you from bee stings, will keep you cool in hot weather. It has a self-supporting veil that is also collapsible for easy storage when not in use. What’s more, this suit is nice with plenty of room inside to give you ultimate functionality. Plus it is high-quality with top-grade zippers for great performance.


  • Veil with Velcro attachments: Create a tight and comfortable feel
  • 5-inch overall size: Fits persons up to 5.6 inches tall
  • Elastic wrist and ankle openings: Completely seal the suit for maximum protection

5. Protective Bee Unisex Beekeeping Jacket

The Protective Bee Unisex Beekeeping Jacket is a full suit that covers everything including your hands. It is made of a lightweight fabric to give you maximum protection while keeping you cool when it gets hot. The suit is multipurpose to enable you to use it in various industries aside from beekeeping. It is well-made and comes in an array of sizes to comfortably fit men and women of various sizes. In addition, this unit is quite costly but definitely worth each penny.


  • 3 layer ultra-ventilation: Provides additional safety
  • Veil with fabric mesh: Protects face from stings
  • Free gloves: They help keep hands safe

4. Natural Apiary Beekeeping Jacket- White

Protect yourself against stings with the Natural Apiary Beekeeping Jacket-White. The jacket is designed with a fully-elasticized waist to fit a wider range of body sizes. It guarantees utmost safety due to the extra strong zippers that are easy to zip on and off. It is quite versatile with large pockets to help you keep small but vital items for quick access. The jacket is machine-washable for easy care and maintenance. Moreover, it is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester for optimal comfort.


  • Reinforced extra thick collar: Offers extra protection for neck
  • Elasticized wrists and ankles: Ensure a tight fit
  • Strong YKK zippers: Provide maximum strength and reliability

3. Natural Apiary Beekeeping Suit-Sand

Enhance your beekeeping experience by getting yourself the Natural Apiary Beekeeping Suit-Sand. By now, you already know that the Natural Apiary is the place to be for high-quality beekeeping jackets, and this one is not any different. It is available in numerous sizes to fit people of all sizes with much ease. To ensure a great fit, this suit has elasticized forearms and ankles for a bee proof seal. Better yet, it has all the necessary items to offer total protection for professional and beginner beekeepers.


  • 65% cotton and 35%polyester construction: Ensures durability and comfort
  • Strong YKK zippers: Offer optimum strength and durability
  • Perfectly placed pockets: Promote peerless convenience

2. LORJE Beekeeping Suit

If you want a beekeeping suit that comes with some beekeeping tools, the LORJE Beekeeping Suit is your go-to product. The package includes 1 beekeeping jacket with veil, 1 beehive brush, a pair of gloves, and a J hook hive tool. This unit is made to fit most adults comfortably; thanks to the elastic design. The veil of this jacket is equipped with a zipper that is easy to zip on and off for added convenience.


  • Supple gloves: Fit average hands perfectly
  • Roomy hood: Provides plenty of space for your head to move around
  • Lightweight design: Makes the jacket comfortable to wear

1. VIVO Beekeeping Suit (BEE-V106XL)

1. VIVO Beekeeping Suit (BEE-V106XL)

Measuring 7.9 inches, the VIVO Beekeeping Suit (BEE-V106XL) can nicely fit someone of up to 6.6 inches. It is made of a protective fabric that is comfortable and lightweight to keep you cool throughout. The head cover is collapsible and self-supporting with plenty of room inside for you to move your head freely. Ideally, both the hood and the jacket are hand washable for longevity and durability. This suit is very affordable so you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets just to have it.


  • Pockets on the front and back: Promote utmost convenience
  • Heavy-duty zippers: Provide ample protection for beekeeping
  • Elastic wrist and ankle openings: Ensure a tight fit

Having the best beekeeping jacket/suit when going into the apiary has a great impact on your performance and experience while there. Most importantly, it enables you to concentrate fully on honey harvesting without the worry of bee stings. The above products are made of high-quality materials, and, therefore, very durable. Grab yourself one or two today and change your beekeeping experience for good.

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