Top 5 Best Electric Tricycles in 2018 Reviews + Benefits

If you are one of the people who love to tour around the city or exercise along the street in the morning, cycling might be a good sport to start with. Cycling actually brings a good health, fitness, and fun to your life. However, not everyone is suitable to ride a bike.

For example, seniors, children, or newbies might not have enough strength or energy to ride a bike. It is because they either do not have the energy to maintain balance or they just do not know how to balance the bike. No more worries! With a new invention of an electric tricycle, anyone can now start riding on their own.

Here is a list of top 5 best electric tricycles in 2018 that are considerately selected by our team. Besides their superb qualities, you will definitely love all of the good features they provide to your cycling.

List of Best Electric Tricycles

5. Komodo Cycling 24″ Tricycle

5. Komodo Cycling 24" Tricycle

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Komodo Cycling 24’’ Tricycle is highly designed to fit with both kids and adults. It comes with so many good features including 6 riding speeds that can be shifted on the handlebar. As for the steering handle, it is basically made of top quality steel to ensure better durability and avoid coincident breaking. This electric tricycle is highly built with solid metal crank and chain that stay durable for years. Thereby, ensuring a smooth and safe riding.

Featuring soft cushioning saddle and backrest, this makes cycling one of the most favorable outdoor activities for your kids. More importantly, it is able to bear heavy weight which means that you can also take part in tricycling. In addition, the pedals are also made ergonomic enough for a comfy footrest.

4. Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

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Up next, we would like to present you a foldable tricycle that comes with sturdy construction. This Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle helps you to save a lot of floor space all thanks to its folding feature. Being construction with steel suspension fork, this makes folding and unfolding super duper convenient for users. It also has an adjustable saddle which makes it fit all ages of people ranging from 12 years old children to senior adult.

Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle has strong and durable wheels that are highly built with the top quality rim. Moreover, it is also covered with resilient rubber for a long-lasting and smooth performance. Both back and the front brake is built incredibly form an alloy that makes the tricycle stop right away with just a single pulling. Featuring a storage basket at the back, it provides plenty of space for storing your essentials.

3. Meridian Adult Schwinn Tricycle

3. Meridian Adult Schwinn Tricycle

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If you are a beginner in riding a bike, it is a good idea to start with a trike. This Meridian Adult Schwinn Tricycle is specifically designed for all level starters as it has a durable build and astonishing performance. With a 26 inch frame, this tricycle is perfect for children, teenagers, and adults.

This product also features a low stand which makes it easy for the rider to get on the tricycle. It comes with a large handlebar which is best at controlling stability during riding and turning. The wheels are wide, sturdy, and equipped with grand rubber. Therefore, it perfectly deals with all kinds of surfaces including, smooth, bumpy roads, and even slippery ones.

Meridian Adult Schwinn Tricycle has a comfy and large saddle that allows you to sit in comfort during both short and long cycling. As it is totally cushioned with spring cruiser, riders will not experience built-up heat, and pain during the ride at all. Attached with a large and deep storage basket, this ensures a safe storing of your stuff.

2. True Decor Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle

2. True Decor Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle

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True Decor Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle is the best choice for seniors that prefer to lay and ride. It comes with a recumbent design that allows the rider to lay their back down and chill during cycling. It features mesh seat that allows air to flow through, and keep moisture and sweat away from your back. Built with high riding speed, you can still ride it smooth and fast with a peace in mind. Although it has a low and recumbent frame, this trike is very stable on the ride.

True Decor Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle comes with a low turn resistance which allows you to turn with convenience and balance. Talking about the break, it comes handily with a brake locking system that stays in place and does not slide backward at all.

1. Adult Electric Motorized Trike Tricycle Scooter

1. Adult Electric Motorized Trike Tricycle Scooter

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Electric Motorized Trike Tricycle Scooter comes with the top speed of 20MPH which is very fast to ride. It uses the rechargeable battery for functioning, or you can also shut the electric mode off and ride by using pedals. Thanks to its quick charging system, you do not have to wait any longer for another ride.

After you fully charge it, this electric trike allows you to chill for a full 4 hour riding in 25 miles range. Furthermore, it is premium constructed with durable steel which makes the whole construction a very reliable piece of instrument. Plus, it is capable of handling any heavyweight of up to 400 pounds as well.

More importantly, this Adult Electric Motorized Trike Tricycle Scooter has an integrated headlight in the front for ease of riding in the dark. Equipped with electronic alarm system, it always keeps you alerted once the trike is about to run out of battery. This instrument comes with a brushless motor which operates very quietly, and perfectly promotes a longer lifespan.

Benefits of Electric Tricycles

  • Source of Entertainment: Forget about riding a bicycle and start getting on an electric tricycle. An e-trike actually provides you a ton of benefits. One main benefit is that it serves as a source of entertainment. For those starter cyclists, you can now get on your own bike and start riding without worrying about collapsing. It should be the time you can explore the town on your own.
  • Multi-Mode Usage: Electric Trike does come with dual mode operation. This allows you to ride using pedals, or ride by turning electric mode on. In the morning, you can exercise by doing cycling and receiving fresh air. Once you get tired or rush to anywhere, the electric mode is there for you to quickly get to your destination.
  • Fast Riding Speed: There is no doubt. Most of the electric tricycles are constructed with fast speed which can be compared to that of bicycles. It mostly features smooth wheels and good brake system which helps you to get to wherever you want to go pretty fast without interruption.
  •  Reliability: Electric Tricycle is one of many reliable instruments for city tour as well as sport. A tricycle has a more durable and sturdy build which allows people of all ages to enjoy the ride. With the assistance from 3 wheeling system, kid and senior riders can totally rely on the stability the trike provides whenever they are on.

For enthusiast beginners who want to start cycling, it is best for them to start with a tricycle. With all of these electric tricycles on our list, they allow children, teenagers, and adult to take part in cycling either by pedaling or turning into an electric mode. Besides this significance, they also come with quality, durability, and ease of use which will amaze you since the first try.

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