Top 10 Best Ironing Boards in 2018 Reviews

Dressing up well is also an important part of your daily life. You would not want to go to work or anywhere everyday wearing clothes with wrinkles either. Moreover, you would not even want to put so much effort in ironing your clothes, yet they are still not wrinkle free either. In this article, we have gathered the top 10 best ironing boards in 2018 that will help lessen a lot of your daily burden in ironing your clothes.

List Of The Top 10 Best Ironing Boards

10. Brabantia Ironing Board

10. Brabantia Ironing Board

The first product of our reviews is the Brabantia Ironing Board. You would find it easy to put your clothes on because it is extra wide. Moreover, it is designed in ergonomic feature which ensures that you will definitely meet your needs when you use it. Furthermore, this ironing board allows you to adjust it to any different height relevant to your requirement.

Other than this, it is also designed with transport lock in when you can fold the table to store when you stop using. In addition to this, you can also ensure the safety of your child because this ironing board also comes with safety child lock. Thereby, preventing it from collapsing.

9. Household Essentials Extra Wide Top 4-Leg Ironing Board

9. Household Essentials Extra Wide Top 4-Leg Ironing Board

Speaking of a reliable ironing board, this Household Essentials Extra Top 4-Leg Ironing Board plays does its job perfectly. This ironing board is constructed with a large metal frame with 4 leg which is durable to use and is not easy to collapse. Moreover, it is also designed with wide ironing surface. Thus, you can have easier time ironing your clothes.

Alongside with iron machine holder, there comes a hanger bar that allows you to hang your clothes nearby conveniently. Other than that, it also has a metal leg lock that is easy to use and fold down for storage.

8. Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

8. Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is a modern type of ironing board in which you can mount to the wall. Designed with a large measurement, it can assist you a lot when you put your clothes on for ironing. Other than this, it is constructed of steel. That means it is very durable to use.

Moreover, you will also get an ironing board cover which is made from good materials when you purchase the item. On top of that, it comes with the lock to make sure you can lock it in place and avoid collapsing.

 7. Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board

7. Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board

The next product that you should also know is Mabel Home Extra-Wide Ironing Pro Board. This is an ironing board with a large surface that can make you feel convenient to iron your clothes. It is also a smart choice to choose because when you buy this board, you will also get a 100{c7341da933e483aca01bd5fd8b52c6667f867f8509ddfa24d9452386095f915e} cotton surface cover along the purchase as well.

The ironing board is also built in heat resistant tray which is great for holding your iron/steamer. On top of that, this ironing board also has the locking system which is really easy to set up, take down, or move to anywhere.

 6. Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board

6. Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board

Coming further, this Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board is a great choice for the household material. You would love its extra large surface of the board because it allows you to easily place your shirt on. Moreover, the tray of this ironing board is also built in heat-resistant which is very ideal to rest your iron or steamer on.

Other than this feature, this ironing board also has retractable shoulder wings which provide you the best ironing experience ever. Because it is constructed of metal steel, it is very stable. It also has a locking system which provides high protection for your kids.

5. Leifheit AirBoard Deluxe Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board, X-Large

5. Leifheit AirBoard Deluxe Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board, X-Large

If you are looking for an ironing board that comes with a 100{c7341da933e483aca01bd5fd8b52c6667f867f8509ddfa24d9452386095f915e} cotton cover, then you should look at this product. Not only does this come with the cover, it is also great to use for other reasons. This is one of a very lightweight ironing board with just 11 lbs. Thus, you can conveniently move it or hold it.

Moreover, it also has an additional shoulder which will make your ironing for shirts and blouses more convenient. Attached with movable iron rest, you now can choose the place to rest your iron by yourself.

4. HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Fold Away Space Saver Wide Top Ironing Board

4. HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Fold Away Space Saver Wide Top Ironing Board

If you are looking for an ironing board that can save your space, you better choose the one that can be folded. So we would like to introduce you this foldable ironing board from Household Essentials. When you buy this ironing board, you will also receive one replacement ironing board cover which is good for keeping your clothes clean.

Moreover, with this ironing board, you will not have a hard time storing it anymore. What even more special about it is it comes with wheels that you can move it fast and easy. It also has an iron holder in which you can place your iron when you need to go away.

3. Household Essentials 971840-1 Wide Top 4-Leg Mega Ironing Board

3. Household Essentials 971840-1 Wide Top 4-Leg Mega Ironing Board

Coming next, this is another ironing board from household essentials. This ironing board comes with an iron holder and another additional sleeve board which can make you feel more convenient when ironing it. However, the sleeve board can be removed in case you would not feel comfortable with it. On top of that, this ironing board is also built in two foldable legs which can assist you with storage.

Other than this, it also comes with heat resistant pad which will not make you get burned in case you touch the board while ironing. Available in hanger bar, you can hang your clothes right after finish ironing. Thus, all your clothes will be free from having the wrinkle.

2. Household Essentials 801454 Ironing Board

2. Household Essentials 801454 Ironing Board

Probably, this ironing board is one of any other stylish ironing board you have seen so far owing to its design. Being designed in T-Leg bamboo legs, it is very stable to use. Moreover, this ironing board is very suitable for people at all height as it is available in 4 adjustable positions.

Being attached to a high quality cover in brown color, it looks classy and will not leave an imprint on your clothes. Built-in Metal leg lock holds this ensures that you can store its security. Thus, it is truly a good product to own.

1. Laurastar Model S7a Ironing System

1. Laurastar Model S7a Ironing System

Coming to the first product on the list, we would like to introduce you this Laurastar Model S7a Ironing System. One of its many smart features that you will love is automatic cut-off after 15 minutes stop using. This is considered as great because it is very safe and energy efficient for you to use.

After turning it on, it will heat very fast and you can have a great ironing experience ever. Therefore, your clothes will be well ironed and you would not feel tired and bored at all. Coming with an automatic steaming system, you will not have to put in so much effort in ironing your clothes.



After going through the whole review, it is clear that every product is very useful in terms of their distinctive features as well as designs. However, you may have already found the one that best meets your needs. If it is so, please do not feel hesitate to make an order now.

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    Are you tired of ironing on your couch or bed? Do you think that the lack of a proper ironing surface could be a major drawback to your elegance? Then, cheer up. For all you need is a high-quality ironing board to let you start ironing your clothes in the best and most efficient way. Though simple, an ironing board could see you improve your elegance by a significant degree. Through an ironing board, you can now say no more to accidentally burning your wears, beddings or couch as you will always place your iron at the featured placement section while you turn your clothes.

    Enough with the explanations. I bet you already know the importance of a high-grade ironing board. In this post, we focus on leading your way to a good sort and accurate list of the top ranking iron boards by different manufacturers on the market so far. Our aim is to simplify your selection. Read through the following reviews of the top ten best ironing boards in 2017. You will be better placed to purchase a high-quality product that will serve you beyond your expectations. We selected the reviewed products by quality, build material, ease of use, among other vital factors.

    10. CasaHomez 8 Easy Solutions Ironing Board

    Begin to enjoy your ironing moments through the help of this fabulous ironing board model. Most of its users continue to provide positive and encouraging feedback on its performance. It brings you eight unique and exemplary features with the aim of boosting the effectiveness of your ironing by a significant degree. Among them is a unique ShoulderWing system that allows for easy and excellent shirt ironing. Again, its multi-layered board cover is made of 100{c7341da933e483aca01bd5fd8b52c6667f867f8509ddfa24d9452386095f915e} cotton. Also included in its development is convenient and strategically positioned storage basket and a shirt hanging rail. Your safety and that of your little ones are looked into through the featured transport and child lock. Finally, after purchase, you get an extra board cover.

    9. Ybm Home & Kitchen Heavy Duty Deluxe 4-leg Steel Mesh Ironing Board

    Are you looking for a reasonably priced ironing board that will serve you beyond your expectations? Then, why not stake your hard earned money on this fantastic product. Its features are rare to find in other ironing boards within and beyond its price range. This is a 4-legged ironing board whose legs are constructed from steel and fitted with floor caps to ensure no harm to the placement surface. Its broad surface allows for ironing any piece of laundry. Also, it features a big iron rest that will let you sit your hot iron safely and also put your snacks or water bottle nearby while you iron. Its high-grade board cover is made of cotton, a material you can trust regarding durability. The featured leg lock allow for easy storage and portability while letting you set your preferred ironing height.

    8. Reliable The Board 500VB Home Vacuum and Up-Air Pressing Table

    Could you be looking for an ironing board that suits your laundry profession? Then, look not beyond this product by the Reliable manufacturing. It’s an ironing board built to offer excellent pressing performance. It finds use by the prolific dry cleaners, garment makers, and tailors across the globe. The fact that it features built-in steam suctioning vacuum makes it an exclusive ironing surface. What makes it more interesting is that it comes with –inchup-air-inch component which reverses the entire vacuum to develop a blowing effect to let you press on a tough air cushion. You will appreciate ironing your delicate fabric, fly front, velvet, corduroy and jacket linings through the help of this ironing board that will never disappoint. Your ironing expertise should improve by a significant degree with the application of this ironing board.

    7. Reliable The Board 200IB Ironing Board – Ironing Boards

    The reliable 2001B is another ironing board model from the Reliable manufacturers. This board has a wide surface which makes it easier to iron larger fabrics with ease. Also, it features a seven-step adjustable height of 30-38” which suits people of all heights. What’s more, it comes with a cotton cover for smooth ironing and to ensure that your clothes do not develop creases. Especially pertinent, this board features a heavy-duty tube framed construction and double wishbone legs which make it ultra-stable. An added advantage is that this board can be used as an ironing station since it is robust and stable. It’s also reasonably priced to suit even the average person.

    6. Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board

    Also featuring among the best ironing boards in 2017 is the Parker extra wide ironing pro-board. This board is uniquely designed with patented and retractable shoulder wings which make it ultra-broad thereby providing a large surface area to hold your clothes in a comfortable position while you iron. Moreover, this board has a child safety lock system which ensures your child’s safety. Also, it has a cord holder which makes it easily portable. What’s more, this board comes with a metal coating around its frame which is resistant to rust, a guarantee of excellent durability. It’s is ultra-stable and does not wobble while ironing. You will also appreciate its high-grade board cover which makes your ironing moments worth it.

    5. Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact

    The Rowenta pro-compact IB9100 is one of the best ironing boards in 2017. This ironing board is very compact and can be folded for easy portability and storage. It can be adjusted to a height of 27” to 37” which suits different heights of the person using it. Also, the board has a broad surface of 54” by 18” which makes it more comfortable to iron bigger pieces of clothes. Particularly relevant, the board’s surface is covered with a cotton cover to provide a smooth surface for ironing, thereby ensuring that the clothes do not crisp and no prints are left on the fabric. An added advantage is that this board comes with a hanger rack, integrated legs, an extra-large steam iron and steam station rest.

    4. Reliable The Board 100IB Ironing Board

    Are you looking for an ironing board that is stable, firm, and comfortable to utilize? Then this ironing board from the Reliable board 100IB manufacturers is one of the best choices on offer. It is made of tube frame and features single wishbone legs that are strong and stable to reduce wobbliness. This board is adjustable, and one can change to a much healthy ironing level when necessary. It has a broad surface of 18.9 by 47.25 which guarantees you disappointment-free ironing moments. This ironing board can be fitted permanently on the side of your laundry room for extra security and can be utilized as an ironing station. It is fitted with a cotton cover that provides a smooth ironing surface. The board folds securely with magnet locking system for easier storage and portability.

    3. Bartnelli 51×19-Inch Multi layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board

    Is quality, durability and ease-of-use your top priorities when purchasing essential home items? Then, this ironing board by the Bartnelli manufacturing could impress you. Its great making which results to its ultra-durability and ease of use makes this ironing board exceptional. It features a multi-layered board cover which is extra thick and made of 100{c7341da933e483aca01bd5fd8b52c6667f867f8509ddfa24d9452386095f915e} cotton. Also included in the making of this ironing board is a transport lock that maintains it in the folded position during transportation or storage. Its sturdy build ensures no wobbling while its coated feet ensure no harm to the floor. You will love utilizing this ironing board as it’s adjustable to 4 distinct heights for optimum user comfort. It measures 51*19 inches. The manufacturer offers a 3-year guarantee on this ironing board as a show of confidence in its quality.

    2. Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

    Among the top-notch performance, ironing board is this product by the Hafele America Company. From the many positive reviews that this ironing board continues to receive from its users on most online markets, one can tell that this is a product whose services are disappointment-free. The fact that it features a wall mount design makes it outstanding, easy to use and ideal for people with limited storage spaces. Its working area measures 37-3/8”L*11-7/8” W, which is sufficient to iron the broad wears, beddings, among other pieces of laundry. It’s made of steel which is reinforced further with an epoxy coating. Also provided by the manufacturer of this ironing board is a high-quality board cover for unmatched ironing. You can also choose to buy a replacement cloth cover which is sold separately by the manufacturer.

    1. Brabantia Ironing Board

    Brabantia is the manufacturer behind the making of this one-of-a-kind ironing board. It’s an ironing board whose exclusive design allows it to rank highly on the market. It features a Solid Stream Iron Rest that comes with an elegant moving circles design. Its ample working area which measures 49*18 inches makes it suitable for ironing large items like beddings. Your comfort, while ironing, is also looked into as this ironing board, features an adjustable height of between 30-38 inches. You will appreciate its intelligent features which include a heat-resistant, non-skid, protective strips around the solid steam iron placement to ensure no damage to the iron. Its moving circles outer cover features a viscose ironing surface under-layer and resilient foam thereby providing maximum crease-free laundry end results. Its stability on most floor surfaces is facilitated by the included slip caps below each leg Also featured is a child safety lock that ensures the table doesn’t collapse accidentally. The manufacturer ensures that you will always have a peace of mind after purchasing this ironing board as it comes with a 10-year quality guarantee.


    The list of the top ten best ironing boards in 2017 is professionally sorted to ensure that you purchase a high-grade product that will serve you accordingly. We have done all that’s in our power to ease your selection regarding ironing boards. What’s left is for you to select your preferred product from this list. Go for a product that suits your budget as well as other preferences appropriately.

    All the best!

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