Top 5 Best Neckband Headphones in 2018

To rejuvenate the mind, there are lots of recreational activities a person usually indulge in. One of the most enjoyable activities is listening to music. There are lots of ways to enjoy music while you are doing work or lying on your comfortable seat. Presently you may find people using headphones for listening to music. There are different kinds of headphones available in the market and one of the convenient and easy to use headphone types is the neckband headphone. This device is portable, easy to use, functional, appealing in design and comes with versatility as well. Not only music but neckband headphone also allow you to attend calls while your hands are busy working on some other activities. These headphones will conveniently enclose around your neck and hence the name. In order to get familiar with the best neckband headphones available in the present market, look at the below-discussed products:

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5. Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset V4.1

5. Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset V4.1:

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This Bluetooth enabled wireless neckband headphone from Mpow Jaws is recognized as a convenient, lightweight and flexible device that serves your music listening needs in a unique way. The noteworthy characteristic of this headphone is there are no burdens on your ears when you are using it. Moreover, using this neckband headphone there are no hassles regarding storage and transportation.


  • This upgraded version i.e. Gen-4 supports vibrating call alert which allows the headphone to vibrate independently whenever there is an incoming phone call feature.
  • The vibrating call alert can prevent issues of missing incoming calls when earplugs are not plugged inside your ears while Bluetooth connection is enabled.
  • There is the inclusion of a tough protective carrying bag in order to present secure and convenient storage.
  • It comes with the built-in magnet that entices the earplugs whenever you do not require them. So, there is no extra load on your ears and you can also store it conveniently.
  • The device supports hands-free calling which is ensured with the help of CVC6.0 noise reduction technology. With the help of Bluetooth 4.1, CSR 8635 chip and now jaws, this headphone work to filter out the circuit noise to assure supreme quality sound as well as a noise-free voice for calls.
  • Every function of music is controlled along with call functions. The call can be effortlessly done through the presence of buttons over the headset.
  • The powerful rechargeable battery delivers continuous music/talking time of 13 hours. Moreover, the 350 hours of standby is delivered by this headphone through a single charge.
  • The device only weighs 1.2 oz, so it presents great flexibility. It is found that the headphone is 60% lighter as compared to some other neckband headsets available in the market.
  • Implementation of cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.1 technology facilitates quick and stable signal delivery & reception. The output sound quality is clear and the power consumption is less.
  • With the hands-free calling feature, there is no need to respond a call by stopping your work. It enables auto switching between calls and music.
  • Unlike the commonly available Bluetooth earbuds available in the market, this device permits simple and precise one-touch control, so there is no requirement to take off the earbuds.

4. Wireless Headphones, Bluenin Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Running – Best Neckband Headphones

4. Wireless Headphones, Bluenin Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Running - Best Neckband Headphones

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You are facilitated with wonderful bass sound and clear listening hands-free experience when you purchase this wireless headphone form Bluenin.  Using this music device, you can enjoy the listening experience for many hours without any hassles of inefficiency.


  • This is essentially an auto-retractable earbud that allow pulling of every ear bud up to the extreme length whenever you use it. When you pull it again, it would shrink down and when you do not use it, the storage is convenient.
  • The output sound quality is HD stereo that is made possible with the use of CVC 6.0 noise canceling technique as well as incorporated CSR chips.
  • It is found that the headset is manufactured from high-class materials and also its surface is made using with a special
  • Since this device only weighs 1.3 oz, there are no troubles regarding transportation. It is found that this headphone is actually 50% lighter than the majority of neckband wireless headphones available in the market.
  • It comes with the ultra long working time which is made possible with the help of incorporated 180 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The battery can continue up to 15 hours (for music time) or it comes with 300 hours (for standby time).
  • As per your need, you can let charge this headphone for 2.5 hours and after that, you are allowed to enjoy music for many hours.
  • Its material uses silicone and the device can fit the varying size of the neck so that it conforms to your body for an entire
  • With the presence of retractable wire management, there is no disorder wire mess.
  • The inclusion of easy button control enables the user to avail smooth one-touch music functionality and phone call control as well.
  • The output consists of clear sound quality with reduced power consumption. There are no problems while running, working or doing any activities.

3. HBQ V4.2 Bluetooth Running Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset

3. HBQ V4.2 Bluetooth Running Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset:

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What makes this neckband headset a suggested device to try is its easy wearing feature and a smooth surface to avoid concerns of injury. It can be instantly connected with the Bluetooth-enabled device to simplify any connection hassles.

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  • You are assured to obtain high-quality stereo output from the earphones along with clear treble. For improved convenience, this device comes with the hands-free This type of device allows you to pick calls while working on other activities.
  • There is no point to worry about wires mess or any inconvenience. With the help of a sturdy magnetic attraction, there is no loss of the unit whenever the vibrating alert informs you about incoming calls.
  • It would effortlessly sync with several other Bluetooth-enabled types of equipment like Android phones and iPhones. For flexibility, it comes with an elastic silicone-made band.
  • In order to deliver clear sound when picking calls, the device is equipped with a CVC noise canceling technique.
  • The design of the neckband features geometry model shape which is designed using durable and lightweight silicone material.
  • Its upgraded secure cable is quite simple to store and transport, so you are facilitated with the comfortable user experience.
  • There are no occurrences of missing incoming calls during busy occasion because this headphone comes with vibrating call alert feature and clear power display.
  • In the output, you will find a superior quality natural stereo with crystal clear treble and extra bass.
  • As per your need, you can easily choose the functions of calls and music with the use of buttons. Besides, the inclusion of the microphone lets your hands stay free while picking calls.
  • Implementation of magnetic attraction and anti-lost design avoids the disorder of messy wires that usually tangle and slide down. Its built-in magnet design is such that is assist you to hang the earbuds around your neck in form of a necklace while enjoying sports
  • The range of transmission is 10 meter and its body is sweatproof. You are benefitted with 10-12 hours of nonstop talking/music time as well as many hours of standby time. The credit of these benefits goes to its powerful rechargeable battery.
  • It comes with the power off and charging reminder feature. You just need to press the power button for long till the LED color turns red when not in use. Doing this would let the Bluetooth device enter the off mode. Whenever the battery is running low, the headphone makes a reminding sound. Also, the LED would flash in red color to indicate low battery status.
  • It can support the incoming number calling and it can be simultaneously connected to two mobile phones.

2. Bluetooth Headphones, TOCGAMT Wireless Retractable Foldable Neckband V4.1 (KKY-992) HD Stereo Sport Travel

2. Bluetooth Headphones, TOCGAMT Wireless Retractable Foldable Neckband V4.1 (KKY-992) HD Stereo Sport Travel:

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If you wish to have a neckband with excellent sound quality and foldable design then go for this device from TOCGAMT. The device can be used during travel and sports activities without any burden on your hands.


  • This neckband comes with retractable earbuds and features the ergonomic design that seamlessly fit around your neck easily due to its lightweight features.
  • Due to its foldable design, the neckband is quite convenient to carry inside your bag. Also, the compact design saves a lot of space while you head out for a travel
  • Whenever there is an incoming call or when the pairing is done successfully, this device will make vibration. Therefore, users will never miss any phone call even if they are busy in other activities or present in a noisy
  • Users are guaranteed to obtain superb sound quality with the implementation of Bluetooth v4.1 along with intelligent noise reduction technique. The output signal is strong with hi-fi stereo sound quality that allows easy communication up to 10 meters without obstacles.
  • It comes with ultra long working time which can support a maximum 30 hours of music play time.
  • The neckband headphone presents powerful compatibility because it can be effortlessly connected with the majority of the Bluetooth enabled devices. Names of these devices are iPhone 6s / iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus / iPhone x / iphone8/ iPhone 8 plus; Samsung / galaxy 8/ Motorola/ Sony/ Huawei p10 and many other Bluetooth- activated smartphones
  • With the help of its advanced turntable design, the smoothness and durability are enhanced to a new level.
  • Using the single press of a button, the earbuds can be retracted. There are no problems of wires entangling your body because it comes with an efficient cord- management system.
  • There is the availability of volume buttons and in-line microphone which allow you to make hands-free calls and organize music conveniently.

1. Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset

1. Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset:

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There are many music enthusiasts who just hate the background noise as it spoils the music listening experience. When you use this wirelessly operated neckband headphone from Mpow Jaws, you are assured with superb sound quality without noise. You can relish a joyful chat with your family members, dear ones and friends while you are occupied in office work, household chores, gardening, or driving on the fast lane.


  • The headphone is equipped with the shark-like magnet that entices the earplugs when not in use. In this way, there is no extra load on ears, so you can relish listening to music.
  • If you wish to carry the headphone to travel, you can because it comes with a convenient storage option.
  • There is the use of CVC6.0 noise canceling system which allows the headphone to remove background noise. So, you are assured with superior quality sound and noiseless voice for calls.
  • With the help of Bluetooth 4.1 technology, this headphone offers stable pairing with any Bluetooth activated device.
  • You can listen to music even if you are 10 meters far from your device.
  • Its rechargeable battery delivers up to 13 hours of constant music/talking time. Besides, it also offers 350 hours of standby through a single charge.
  • On its body, there is the inclusion of precise one-touch control. So while you are running or busy doing workouts, its earbuds remove the hassles of taking off the device frequently.
  • The brand has made it using lightweight design with an overall weight of 1.2 oz. Thus, it can easily fit around your neck without adding up any extra weight.
  • With the use of hands-free calling feature, this headset works to automatically switch between calls and music. You are able to control every function related to calls and music with a touch of a button.

Neckband headphones work as the finest companion for you while you are busy in different activities like sports, traveling, studying, household chores, etc. These headphones feature an ideal blend of reliability, portability, and appealing design.

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