The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes in 2018 – Support and Comfort + Benefits

Have you ever been without shoes or running shoes on the basketball court? You will notice that you do not have any support for protection of your ankles, ability to jump, and you won’t be grounded for different agility movements. You should think of long-term health care.

We have come up with top 9 best women’s basketball shoes in 2018. Searching for the perfect pair of basketball shoes is no different whether you’re a man or a woman since the game requires the use of the same muscles to play.

Check Out The  Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

9. JiYe Velcro Sneakers

9. JiYe Velcro Sneakers

Both men and women can use the sports fashion sneakers. These basketball shoes have a rubber outsole and an elastic midsole. They offer to cushion protection to your feet. The rubber outsole is tough and can withstand wears and tears. The outsole features non-slip and wears resistant.

The decoupled collar provides motion, and the breath tech construction offers support. There is a skin overlay on collar delivering enough support. The outsole of the shoe is made of rubber providing traction and durability.

8. NIKE Women’s Prime Hype DF II

8. NIKE Women's Prime Hype DF II

The Women’s Nike basketball shoe is an imported product made of synthetic material. They are top-rated women’s basketball shoes available in the market with great features. The shoe features a high top collar which provides a snug fit.

You are not restricted to natural movements, and you can freely move on the basketball court playing the game. Nike shoes are constructed to be lightweight, making it easy to carry while playing the game. The breathable material allows air circulation, providing enough comfort to your feet.

7. Avia Women’s ALC-Diva Cross-Trainer

7. Avia Women's ALC-Diva Cross-Trainer

Avia Women’s ALC-Diva Cross-Trainer pair is a pair of good-looking shoes providing enough comfort to the wearer. The satin shoelace makes the pair of shoes look fashionable. They provide warmth during the winter season.

The sports shoe has an extraordinary design and offers great performance. But the shoe is more suitable to be used for outdoor activities and basketball game.

6. Under Armour Girls’ Grade School Jet

6. Under Armour Girls' Grade School Jet

This pair of women’s basketball shoes is an imported product, and the mesh upper area is made of synthetic material. Armour is a popular brand, and the women basketball shoe doesn’t fail with its construction and built quality. The material absorbs sweat very quickly and will keep your feet cool. The best feature of the shoe remains the midsole made of compression foam.

The shoe might be having a simple design, but it provides overall comfort. They have high ankle color and a low top in the back portion providing stability and flexibility.

5. adidas NEO Women’s Bbadidas Performance Raleigh Mid W

5. adidas NEO Women's Bbadidas Performance Raleigh Mid W

The shiny metallic details and the leopard print underlays make the shoe glamorous. The textile lining is quite comfortable giving a soft touch to your feet. The upper area is made of leather material. Adidas is a popular brand, and it serves double duty. It keeps your feet comfort while looking good.

The all-rounder shoe offers quality ratings from customers who have used it. It is a shoe made for basketball players with three shiny leather stripes.

4. adidas Originals Women’s CF Superhoops Mid W

4. adidas Originals Women's CF Superhoops Mid W

Adidas has been making basketball shoes for a long time. Not only for men, but they also make basketball shoes for women. The interface looks natural but not too stylish. This shoe feels light and comfortable to wear.

A tough rubber sole gives good traction so you can play hard wherever you go while also giving you good support and protection against impact even on the hard streets. The classic, high silhouette gives your ankles a dose of extra protection whether you’re on or off the court.

3. NIKE Women’s Hyperdunk – Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

3. NIKE Women's Hyperdunk - Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

The Nike brand is popular for its high-quality construction, and Hyperdunk basketball shoe is a durable product. It lasts longer and keeps your feet warm during winter season. The Swoosh design trademark on heel allows decoupling and moving independently.

The asymmetrical overlay protects your toe area and adds durability. The outsole offer traction in high wear areas. The collar offers full range movement of the ankle, and the flex grooves on forefeet and heel provide natural motion to all direction.

2. Reebok Zig Pro Future

2. Reebok Zig Pro Future

Reebok Zig Pro Future is a unique high top shoe that any player will enjoy. Using a second skin to better protect your heel for quick pivots, the Reebok Zig Pro Future shoe will have you feeling and playing differently on the court.

The rubber sole offer durability and the cables provide enough support to the wearer. They remain choice for women basketball players these days. Almost all customers are happy with the product.

1. Jordan Jumpman Pro

1. Jordan Jumpman Pro

Jordan has gained some great popularity for women’s basketball players. There are many good reviews about the shoe. It is really comfortable and especially for the ankles.

Even though they are great shoes with unique compression EVA foam midsole, they feature a simple design. They are considered to be one of the best women’s basketball shoes available in the market now, with good price.


The flexibility of the Soles

The quicker you can get off the floor, the quicker you are getting to that hoop. One way to ensure you have a share in that quickness is to make sure you have good flexibility in your soles. When your sole gives way a little more when your foot bends for vertical jumps and lateral movements, expect to get off the floor and move side-to-side a little quicker. You need not to wonder who doesn’t want to get to the boards quicker than you.

Ankle Support

A broken ankle isn’t just a malfunction leading to embarrassment on defense, it could be the end of your season. One can receive proper ankle support to midst or highs because of the stabilization from strong, yet padded ankles, but low tops with wide, stable soles can provide just as much support, if not more.

Uppers Stability

We don’t know of any player who enjoys their foot moving around in their shoes as they’re playing. That is just not a preference. While this is totally dependent on your foot type, the stability in the uppers of your basketball shoe can not only prevent injuries to your foot, but it tells your feet they don’t have to worry about slippage or movement because your shoe has a tight grip on them.


This is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re a big man or a power forward, lightweight shoes may not be as important to you. But they should. Your mobility up and down the court can be attributable to the shoes you’re lugging around on your feet. Adidas has a few models that are proud of their feather-like weight system, especially ones that still provide the support you need.

Great Look

If you aren’t confident when you’re stepping onto the court, nerves and anxiousness will get the best of you. One way to ensure you feel right stepping on that court is stepping on that court with a pair of kicks that will intimidate your opponents. If they know you’re up on poor basketball sneakers, they have no reason to think you are up on your game.

Runners, in particular, require shoes that can be fitted for the particular shape of their foot. Models of running shoes are designed for people who overpronate, rolling their feet inward when they stride or under-pronators who generally have flat feet. You don’t want to run hundreds of miles in shoes that don’t cradle your feet properly. This article will be useful for you to use as a reference when shopping for the ideal women’s’ basketball shoes.

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