Top 10 Best Crossbow Scopes in 2018 – Reviews & Benefits

While most hunters will argue that they can use crossbows without equipping them with crossbow scopes, this is not right. As a matter of fact, crossbow scopes are as important as any other hunting accessories you see around. They help hunters get accurate shots every time. This means you will be unlikely to miss your target whenever you are out hunting. Crossbow scopes have powerful magnification and lenses that allow you to focus and aim before releasing the arrow.

They are essential hunting accessories that every hunter should have. You will note that they make hunting much easier since you will not be missing your target. But before you choose a crossbow scope, there are a number of factors and features you need to look at. You must make sure that the crossbow scope you are choosing is reliable with powerful magnifications and lenses. It should also be compact enough for easy carry. In our top 10 best crossbow scopes in 2018 – product review & buyer’s guide, we have only listed those crossbow scopes with the best qualities. You will, therefore, be able to make a good purchase without much hassle.

Here is The Top 10 Best Crossbow Scopes in 2018 For Picks

10. CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope

10. CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope

It is important to use a durable crossbow scope like the CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope. This unit is made of incredibly strong aircraft aluminum, which makes it super lightweight without compromising its durability. Additionally, it is powerful, and its laser can reach up to 100 yards. You will also be able to locate your target clearly with the reliable magnification, which ranges from 2.5 – 10X. With this scope, expect to aim and shoot accurately on a consistent basis.

9. UTG 4X32 1” Crossbow Scope

9. UTG 4X32 1” Crossbow Scope

The numerous features in the UTG 4X32 1” Crossbow Scope contribute a lot to its overall performance. One of these features is the RGB side wheel illumination that helps you get your target using whatever illumination you find suitable. There is also the broadband lens coating that makes the crossbow scope durable. Another feature is the wide angle, which allows you to see the target up to 50 yards away. You will certainly find it handy whenever you are going on a hunting trip.

8. Nikon 8461 Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

8. Nikon 8461 Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

Nikon ensures that the lenses of all of its scopes are coated using several layers of multi-reflective compounds. For this reason, expect the Nikon 8461 Bolt XR Crossbow Scope to meet your expectations. It is a device made with ultimate accuracy in mind; thanks to its ability to remain parallax-free at 20 yards. It is fogproof, waterproof, and shockproof to give you the best results. The crossbow scope also boasts a lightweight and compact design, which makes it very convenient for hunting.

7. Truglo Crossbow Scope 4X32

7. Truglo Crossbow Scope 4X32

What you need when going to hunt is the Truglo Crossbow Scope 4X32. Equipped with fully-coated lenses, this crossbow scope will provide you with optimum brightness, contrast, and clarity. It also has a rubber eye-guard that will protect your eyes to make sure you are able to aim at your target for a long period without distractions. In addition, the crossbow scope is made of a scratchproof and non-reflective matte finish to protect it from eminent scratches from the thickets.

6. Barska 4×32 IR Contour Riflescope (AC11876)

6. Barska 4x32 IR Contour Riflescope (AC11876)

With a built-in sunshade, the Barska 4×32 IR Contour Riflescope (AC11876) will make sure that the sun does not cause a glare. The sunshade achieves that by casting a shadow, making sure that you are able to see clearly even in the brightest sun rays. Additionally, this riflescope is made of a super strong shockproof material that allows it to handle the high demands of shotguns, pistols, and more. Its low magnification and long eye relief make it perfect for close range action. We are sure that you will not want to leave it behind once you have tried it.

5. Scopeworld Ledsniper Compact Scope 4×32

5. Scopeworld Ledsniper Compact Scope 4x32

Hunting demands a lot. That’s why you need the Scopeworld Ledsniper Compact Scope 4×32. To begin with, this crossbow scope is protected by a lifetime limited warranty to give you confidence knowing that you are using a product fully backed by the manufacturer. It also boasts a powerful magnification that will allow you to see clearly and create an accurate aim. Besides, this crossbow is fairly affordable and you will be able to get it without overstretching your financial muscles. Its parallax setting goes up to 100 yards, thereby, making the hunting process much easier.

4. AIM Sports 4×32 Rangefinder Scope with Rings

4. AIM Sports 4x32 Rangefinder Scope with Rings

A scope with a length of 7.75 inches is worth considering because of its convenience. And one of those crossbow scopes is the AIM Sports 4×32 Rangefinder Scope with Rings. This device has a magnification of 4X to give you clearer images and let you make more accurate shots. It is also compact, and, therefore, you will have an easy time assembling the parts and using it. Best of all, this scope comes with rings that help enhance its performance. It is affordable and you will really love it for this.

3. CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope

3. CVLIFE 4x32 Compact Rifle Scope

If you want to take your hunting experience a notch higher, the CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope is the device to go for. It is made of a strong aluminum alloy; hence, expect it to be durable and surprisingly strong. Moreover, it is only 7.48 inches long, meaning you can move it quickly and make better aims. This rifle scope is also waterproof, and, therefore, can be used in any weather condition. It is exactly what you need to improve your skills in hunting.

2. Excalibur Tact-Zone Crossbow Scope

2. Excalibur Tact-Zone Crossbow Scope

Before you exclaim at how expensive the Excalibur Tact-Zone Crossbow Scope is, take your time and look at its features. First, you will note that this unit is waterproof and fogproof. And this means you can use it in virtually any environment. Second, this crossbow scope is shockproof; hence, it will not be affected even when it falls down. The crossbow scope also boasts an etched reticle construction that enables it to stand up to extreme hunting conditions. Well, all these features make it a good purchase for the price.

1. Ultimate Arms Gear 4×32 Crossbow Scope

1. Ultimate Arms Gear 4x32 Crossbow Scope

The Ultimate Arms Gear 4×32 Crossbow Scope is designed to let you estimate the range of the target. It is water-resistant, and, therefore, can be used in any weather. It is also fogproof to make sure that fog does not obstruct you from making accurate targets. Furthermore, the crossbow scope is shockproof; hence, it will not be damaged by impacts. Its crystal clear 32mm lens contributes a lot to its performance. It also features magnification of 4X, which enables it to display clear images.

The best quality crossbow scope should be accurate and reliable. Fortunately, those were our key points when choosing a crossbow scope. You will, therefore, have no problems with any crossbow scope you will choose from the reviews above. Besides, we have reviewed crossbow scopes from reliable companies such as Nikon and Excalibur to give you the confidence needed during purchase.

Benefits of a Crossbow Scope

Hunting experts and review writers always encourage hunters to use crossbow scopes because these hunting accessories have numerous benefits, which include:


Crossbow scopes were mainly made to improve accuracy. And this is what they do exactly. They are equipped with powerful lenses and magnifications, which work collectively to give you the accuracy you need. When you have the scope, you will see your target clearly; hence, you will be able to shoot perfectly without a miss.

Increases Shooting Range

As a rule of thumb, crossbows are accurate up to only 60 yards. This means shooting targets that are past the 60-yard range can be quite difficult. But with a scope, this problem is likely to be forgotten easily since they can reach up to 100 yards. Additionally, crossbow scopes will allow you to zoom in order to make the best shots even when your target seems to be far away.

Makes Hunting Much Easier

No hunter likes spending the whole day in the woods or mountainous region in the name of hunting. Fortunately, crossbow scopes are designed to make hunting a breeze. And they achieve that by improving both the accuracy and the shooting range. With them on your crossbow, you will be able to take down your target on the first attempt.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of ways to improve your hunting skills. And equipping your crossbow with a scope is one of these ways. Therefore, look for a nice scope from the reviews above and include it in your crossbow for better hunting performance.

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