Top 10 Best Baby Bathtubs in 2022

Babies are priceless gifts; thus, we need to give them utmost care. Caring for a baby involves numerous things including giving them a warm, fun bath on a daily basis. But to successfully achieve this, you need to have the right equipment like a baby bathtub. Specially designed for newborns and toddlers, baby bathtubs have everything it takes to make sure your little one enjoy bath time.

Most of them are ergonomically shaped, so both you and your baby can have easy fun bath time. Nevertheless, not all baby bathtubs are top quality; hence, you need to consider a number of reviews to know what to go for and what to avoid. You need to consider such factors as comfort, durability, and safety when choosing a baby bathtub. And we help make this easier by providing you with the following top 10 best baby bathtubs in 2022 reviews. Have a look.

Check Out The Top 10 Best Baby Bathtubs

10. Just Life KFF445 Blue Baby Inflatable Bath Tub

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Featuring an inner side that measures 30-by-15.5-by-10 inches, the Just Life KFF445 Blue Baby Inflatable Bath Tub is spacious to comfortably accommodate your baby. Moreover, it is made of safe and non-toxic PVC material, and it features special drainage outlets on the bottom that will allow you to drain water with much ease. The soft, inflatable and foldable design makes storage a breeze. Let your baby have a memorable bathing experience by acquiring this inflatable bathtub today.

9. Topist Blue Inflatable Baby Bathtub

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The Topist Blue Inflatable Baby Bathtub features an inflatable design that makes it easy to store and transport. It also has a textured bottom that will keep your little one safe by preventing slipping. Ideally, there is the convenient drain plug in the bottom to ensure easy water release. This innovative baby bathtub is backed up with a 90-day 100-percent money back guarantee to make sure you have peace of mind during purchase.

8. Disney Blue Mickey Mouse Inflatable Bathtub

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This is where safety, comfort, and fun bath time meet. The Disney Blue Mickey Mouse Inflatable Bathtub is preferred by most moms and babies alike. This is because it has it all. The bathtub comes with all the basics including water temperature display and textured non-slip surface to help prevent your baby from slipping. It also has large storage pockets where you can keep soap and shampoo for ultimate convenience. The fact that this bathtub deflates means it is perfect for travel.

7. LuxxBaby BF1 Folding Bathtub

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LuxxBaby knows what is best for your young one. That’s why it produces this folding bathtub, which you can use anywhere at any time; thanks to the foldaway design. The design of this bathtub does not in any way affect the bath size, as it remains one of the most spacious bathtubs on the market. Additionally, the LuxxBaby BF1 Folding Bathtub has an extra leg support that features non-slip material to make the bathtub ideal for use on any flat surface.

6. The First Years Blue Newborn to Toddler Tub

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Children grow fast and that means you may be forced to buy new items every week. However, the situation is not the same with the First Years Blue Newborn to Toddler Tub. As its name suggest, this handy bathtub will grow with your little one from newborn to toddler stage. Moreover, it features an ergonomic design that holds baby bathing. It also has a padded headrest and a mesh sling for superior support and comfort.

5. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale Baby Bathtub

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Are you looking for a bathtub that is built to last? Look no further than the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale Baby Bathtub. It is designed to grow with your little one and comes with a baby whale cup for gentle rinsing and play. It also boasts a removable insert to allow older babies to sit up and play. Additionally, there is the “Baby Stopper” insert that prevents sliding and slipping, and a soft-foam which cushions infants and newborns.

4. Munchkin White Inflatable Duck Tub

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Make sure the bath water is suitable for your baby without having to check constantly or guessing. Well, all you need is the Munchkin White Inflatable Duck Tub with a special white hot dot that turns white when the water is too hot and blue when the temperature of the water is just right. The duck tub also has a fully padded contoured headrest to help promote superior comfort. It is perfect for babies between 6 to 24 months.

3. Fisher-Price Rinse n Grow Tub

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Buying a baby bathtub that grows with your child is really convenient. That’s why Fisher-Price brings you this Rinse n Grow Baby Tub. It has a grow-with-me baby bath sling and three stages, so it can be a reliable unit for your baby from newborn to toddlerhood. It also has 2 goldfish strainer cups that are essential during bath time. Your baby will instantly fall in love with this intelligently designed baby bathtub.

2. Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

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Let your child experience ultimate comfort by getting him/her the Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub. Designed with comfort in mind, this baby bathtub features an extra platform that safely raises it to make handling baby during bath time comfortable and easier. It also has locking tabs which ensure a snug fit between the tub and the base. The Summer Infant Comfort Height Tub can be placed in either the sink or bath tub.

1. SHNUGGLE Grey Baby Bathtub – Best Baby Bathtubs

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The SHNUGGLE Grey Baby Bathtub makes giving your baby a bath easy and fun. Its beautiful design has very cool, which is perfectly shaped to help suit your baby. The bathtub also has an integrated bum bump that supports baby during early months, thereby, making sure you have both hands for washing which can play your “precious gift”. Other features include rubber feet and an ergonomic seating position.


There are several reasons why, as a new parent, you need to buy a baby bathtub. These units are safe and promote comfort not just for baby but also for you. Ideally, baby bathtubs listed here are durable and most of them will grow with your child. Get one today to help you give your baby the much-needed convenience, comfort, and safety.

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